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Google ad banners

Standing out in a digital landscape is not easy. You need distinctive images for that.

Google ad banners

Google display advertising is a smart way to draw the attention of a broad audience. But in order to bind this audience to you, you need excellent advertising banners. A sleek design and catchy message tailored to your brand. This is how we create experience.

Design and experience

A good ad set must generate clicks. Your audience has high demands to online content, especially when it comes to advertisements. That’s why it is important to perfectly coordinate design, message and call-to-action. We make the right choices to portray your brand as effectively as possible.

Static banners

With a set of static banners you bring your message to the attention of your audience. It is important that the use of color, text and your logo are recognizable. This is how you stand out.

Dynamic banners

Google also allows you to draw attention with moving images. With dynamic banners, also known as HTML5 banners, you really give substance to your message. This type of banner stands out even more with moving elements. Add hyper-personalization, and you reach the target audience as effectively as possible.

Video banners

In-banner video ads set the new standard for online advertising on Google. These ads combine video with traditional banners. Instead of a static image, they show a short video. This immediately attracts attention and keeps users interested. The result? Higher click-through rates and a strong brand experience.

Studio Vibe — your experience partner

Are you looking for strong advertising banners that tell your story? Or would you like to know more about how we use the mix of creativity and technology for a total experience? Contact us and we will take you into our world.

Our projects

We bring the right mix of creativity to the table so brands can scale sustainably.

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