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Take concerts to the next level with compelling visuals

Snelle and his band were looking for a creative concept to take to the next level their concerts in AFAS and LOTTO arena, and offer the audience an immersive experience. The challenge was to create impressive visuals that could be shown on a 40 meter wide screen behind the band, thus providing an additional experience of the show.


Enchanting images that merge with music

To meet the challenge, we developed a creative concept that closely matches the music and style of Snelle and his band. We have designed custom visuals that blend perfectly with the music and emotions of the performance. The visuals were shown on 40 meter wide screen behind the band, adding extra volume to the concerts.


An unforgettable concert experience

Our collaboration with Snelle and his team created the visuals that contributed to a unique and immersive experience for the audience during the shows in AFAS Live and the LOTTO arena. The visuals perfectly complemented the music and stage design, completing the overall picture of the show and engaging the audience with the atmosphere and energy of the music. The result was a successful show with an unforgettable experience for the audience and a satisfied artist and management.

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