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Loqed smartlock

A consistent brand by implementing the entire corporate identity in all communications

What have we done?

  • Animation
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Website


Loqed's Growth & Corporate Identity Consistency

Loqed, a company specialized in smart door locks, wanted to take the next step and continue to grow. However, their existing corporate identity contained too many separate elements and lacked consistency. The challenge laid in creating a coherent and recognizable corporate identity with a special focus on a new, catchy brand film and additional content that would attract the attention of the target group.


Creative Sessions & Multimedia Corporate Identity Upgrade

After an intensive creative session with Loqed project team we started developing a completely new corporate identity, with a special focus on a new brand film, photography, and social media content. We have manually bundled these elements in a corporate identity to ensure that all visual expressions are consistent and recognizable. Studio VIBE now monitors the corporate identity and ensures seamless integration into all their communication and marketing materials.


Coordinated Brand Identity & Video-Focused Growth

The upgraded corporate identity, including the new brand film and additional content, has helped Loqed to create a coordinated and professional brand identity. This has resulted in a consistent brand experience for their target group and partners, which is now extended to the website, packaging, 3D renders, office and other communications. The spectacular video plays a crucial role in attracting and engaging customers, which contributes to the growth of the business. Studio VIBE continues to monitor their corporate identity and ensures seamless integration into all their communication and marketing materials. All of this contributes to strengthening Loqed's brand in the market.

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