Printing can make a difference in the experience of your brand.


From informative brochures to posters that appeal to the imagination — your printing must fit the core of your company. This medium therefore remains an important factor in our strategy.

And although print is one of the oldest forms of marketing, it continues to innovate. In this way we integrate new techniques to transform printed matter into moments of experience.

Discover the possibilities of interactive printing

It is clear that printed matter lends itself well to creativity. But not everyone is aware that it can also be the catalyst for a digital experience. That is why we expand the possibilities of printing to convert images into experiences.

Printing and Augmented Reality (AR)

Creativity and technology increasingly coexist. This applies to printing as well. If you combine this with augmented reality (AR), you unlock a completely new way of telling stories. Imagine a brochure that comes to life with interactive 3D models when you hover your smartphone over it, or a business card that shows a digital avatar of the cardholder, complete with a personal message or a virtual tour.

This synergy of tangible print and immersive AR experiences creates an experience that brings physical and digital together. In a rapidly changing landscape, this combination symbolizes the future of interactive communication.

Printing as a gateway to online

In a modern marketing mix, printing bridges the gap between the analogue and digital worlds. Combine the charm and authenticity of print with the possibilities of online, and you create an experience.

Using QR codes, NFC tags and other smart technologies, a simple flyer, brochure or advertisement can lead your audience directly to an online platform, video or app. This creates a seamless brand experience that stimulates interaction. Printed matter is therefore no longer an end product; it is the dynamic gateway that merges your audience’s physical and online experiences.

Studio Vibe — your experience partner

Curious about how we make your printing part of your brand strategy? Or would you like to know more about the possibilities of interactive printing? Contact us and we will take you into our world.

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